Recently I had the privilege of illustrating the book "Explosive History of Volcanoes," recently published by Hachette UK
In this project, I delved into the world of volcanoes, exploring their natural phenomena. Together, we explored the book's content, learning about the formation of these geological giants, their global distribution, and the intricate science behind their explosive eruptions. The book also delves into the intriguing questions of why people choose to live near volcanoes and the ongoing efforts of scientists to predict eruptions.
"Explosive History of Volcanoes" is not only a visual journey but also an educational adventure, taking readers to the core of Earth's power and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. This project allowed me to merge my passion for illustration with a deep interest in sharing the wonders of our natural world.
In addition to creating illustrations, I had the opportunity to design the typography used for the titles in "Explosive History of Volcanoes."

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